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We eat our words every day...

In this game we simply go through the alphabet and give the name of a food item, recipe, or drink starting with the letter of the alphabet. So: A = Almond, B= Bacon, C = Chicken etc...through up to Z.

Appreciating that some letters are more difficult than other we will permit 'cheating' on the following letters: K, Q, X, & Z




So let's start...


A = Apple pie


Next post should start with B and be food, drink or recipe




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B = Boston Cream Pie
Creme caramel
Duck a l'Orange
E-Eggplant Parmegiano
Grits and Shrimp
Ice Cream Cake
Jerk Chicken (can either be a Caribbean dish or an epithet, LOL)

Kalua White Chocolate Valentine Cake


that was funny Mark!


Manhattan Clam Chowder


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