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Sounds good to me!

75 now Mark

Getting there, slowly but surely.

I'm having trouble with the FB pages manager, it won't load up. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly

Hopefully.  I don't know anything about the FB pages manager, I'm afraid.  Maybe it will sort itself out, though.

I hope so  Mark..

It's worth noting too, that liking or/and commenting on posts on the Facebook page increases views on the site to other people. Please can I urge all Facebook likers to like and comment... 

Thank you 


Thanks for that info, Dave.  I wasn't sure what the 'Likes' or comments meant.  I do occasionally 'Like' on FB, but will do so more frequently now.  Do the comments count more if one 'Likes' something?

The more interaction on the page, through liking, commenting, posting etc, the better 

Good to know.  I don't get on FB often, but will remember that.

Facebook have introduced a new feature on mobile, you can change the colour of your background on the posts you make. Additionally they have introduced hundreds of new emoticons, which I was alerted to (although you need to download these I believe)

You know what?  I've never been able to get Facebook to work on my mobile phone for some reason.  It keeps saying something about an untrusted certificate or something. 


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