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Right there, it was over £92 and after spending over the same on clothes for her.

Rather steep, that one, but I'm sure you don't begrudge her.  Grandchildren are special.

Love her so much and yes she is very special, I wish the boys were the same.

Even boys can be tamed.

Don't go there, they have changed so much we don't even see them any more.

Every grand child is special, aren't they? I'm looking forward to our anniversary break to the capital next month, we are going to see two west end shows.

Saw a couple West End shows myself in one of my last visits to London, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera.

A happy day, Christopher has passed his driving test, second try, I am so pleased for him.

Must be a harder test in Luton than here, where most morons, Trump for example, can easily get them.

Must be, he passed the test in the states and all he had to do was drive round the block without hitting anything and answer two questions. It takes nearly and hour here and yest Luton is one of the hardest places to take it and then you have an hour computer test and some of the answers date back to the 1930's, so out of date there, couldn't believe some of the mock test questions that came up when he was learning, The highway code has also changed. He is going to do a six hour advance plus test in a couple of months when he has got some extra cash to pay for it, he has paid out for the insurance and tax today.

You have some tests that are more stringent over there.  The London cabbies, for example, I understand must pass a really grueling test.

True, very true the London test is called The Knowledge.


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