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We eat our words every day...

I thought it might be worth a shot to create a thread so we share our views on hot topics, either side of the pond, and beyond.

I'll get it kicked off with this story, sharing a lot of discussion


It involves a woman whose mother disowned her nearly 40 years ago. The late mother specifically stated in a legal will, that in no way was any of her estate to go to her daughter. Instead, she left it to three animal charities.

Then in an appeal court, judges have ignored the diseased ladies extreme wishes and said the daughter can have over £160,000 of her late mothers estate.


My thoughts.

I can perhaps see a need for appealing a will, for example if the person becomes less well mentally, and  circumstance changes, but no will was updated

In this case though the deceased specifically denied her daughter access to her estate, to the point of putting it in a will. Nothing changed in the years, apart from the daughter having five children.

If I'd had been a judge, I'd have ruled in favour of the deceased, how would you have ruled?

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It sounds to me as though the woman must have had her reasons for her actions.  In my personal opinion, the judges have erred in her case and the daughter should get what she apparently deserved - nothing.

I feel the same way Mark.

Remember Madeleine McCann, the three-year-old child of the British couple that went missing while they were on holiday in Portugal in 2007?  What do you suppose happened to her?  Could the remains found in a suitcase in Australia be her?  I read that British police have refused to rule out that possibility, but what do you think?

It's not her Mark!

Personally I think she is dead, although I do hope otherwise. Here there are a lot of speculations about what happened originally. Why did the parents leave their very young children alone in an apartment? Why didn't they take the other children? It's a finger pointing situation, and while I think they are genuine, I'm still baffled by them educated people leaving the children alone in the first place.

So true, Dave

Today's talking point has to be the American Dentist who shot Cecil the lion in Africa. He claims it was something he loves to do, and that he trusted his 'guide' to ensure the correct protocol was in place. This baffles me in a sense, if this was the case, why did he offer 'bribe money' of some £34,000? I am sorry that one less majestic animal is in the world, just because someone who has money thought it 'fun'. And his apology, rubbish. he only apologized because he got caught. 

I think he should be extradited to Zimbabwe.  Furthermore, I think that exporting from Zimbabwe (or any other country) of hunting trophies should be banned as should the importing of them into the U.S. as well as other countries.  Perhaps that would curb the blood-lust of some of these testosterone-deprived jerks who have this need to kill and display the result of their trophy hunts on the walls of their 'man caves'.

I made this picture to show how I feel about him.

Shame I can't like the picture Mark, like FB.

Oh, you can post it on FB if you wish to, Dave.

I like this photo Mark fits him to the hilt I think!!!!

Todays talking point may not be familiar to our American friends, but is the subject of the crisis around the Channel tunnel (or Chunnel as its sometimes called)

Immigrants from far and wide are flocking through Europe ending in France then risking life and limb to get through into Britain. Apparently the first European country that immigrants land in should be their 'host country'. This in a lot of cases was Italy, but they set sail in boats, in canoes and anything else that floats for a short period of time. They climb and cling under trains, lorries, and vans, and more. It seems Britain is a very attractive country to many people

The general public in the UK are fed up with nearly daily reports of people trying to 'get into' the UK, and indeed it became a hot political talking point in the recent election. 

Do I have a problem? Well not with people who really need help and support. But I do have a problem with the EU and its rules, which is another story best told later. If this people are genuinely trying to risk life an limb to get out of a situation that is so dreadful they can no longer bear it. Why should I complain sitting in my 3 bedroom house, with a cupboard full of food, heating and fans, no I shouldn't complain and do not complain about true people in need.

Just don't ask me how I feel about the rest of Europe making the UK its home....


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