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We eat our words every day...

I thought it might be worth a shot to create a thread so we share our views on hot topics, either side of the pond, and beyond.

I'll get it kicked off with this story, sharing a lot of discussion


It involves a woman whose mother disowned her nearly 40 years ago. The late mother specifically stated in a legal will, that in no way was any of her estate to go to her daughter. Instead, she left it to three animal charities.

Then in an appeal court, judges have ignored the diseased ladies extreme wishes and said the daughter can have over £160,000 of her late mothers estate.


My thoughts.

I can perhaps see a need for appealing a will, for example if the person becomes less well mentally, and  circumstance changes, but no will was updated

In this case though the deceased specifically denied her daughter access to her estate, to the point of putting it in a will. Nothing changed in the years, apart from the daughter having five children.

If I'd had been a judge, I'd have ruled in favour of the deceased, how would you have ruled?

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I knew in years past things were completely different, but in today's world (Free world) I am shocked its legal (presuming it is). Surely it is discrimination, and that is illegal.

Anti-discrimination laws should be enforced.


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