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In this game you pick your favourite of the two options in the previous post, and then leave two options for the next reader, who does the same. So for example:


Post 1: Almond or brazil nuts


Post 2: Brazil nuts

           Tomato or cucumber.


The only criteria of this game is that you MUST choose ONE of the two options and the options you post MUST be something to do with cooking (food, drink etc). Saying both is not an acceptable answer


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Carrot cake or Chocolate cake
Carrot Cake

Salmon or Shrimp



Egg rice or vegetable rice

Egg rice


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Like both but Vanilla


Cheese on toast or cheese sandwich

Same here, I like both, but cheese on toast.



Scrambled eggs or poached?



Bacon sandiwch or sausage sandwich



Bacon sandwich



Ice cream or Sorbet?

Ice Cream


Soup or Chili





Boston Creme Pie or Tiramisu?

It'd have to be Boston Creme Pie although I haven't got the foggiest what it is but dislike Tiramisu So Boston Creme Pie


Custard of Yogurt


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